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Fact Check

This section of LafayetteProFiber is devoted to setting straight the record on fiber in a clear and unambiguous way.

The Latest:

Billy RayFact Check: "Provo Mayor Billings: Fiber Debate About Economic Future of Cities." Mayor Billings, speaker at Thursday's Bytes Before Breakfast event spoke to Lafayette about Provo, Utah's fiber optic network. Much of the history he recounts closely tracks Lafayette's experience of opposition from incumbents with no intention of building the network the community of Provo wanted. The incumbents had no desire to serve any but the most profitable parts of the community. In the end Provo sees their fiber network as infrastructure that is as necessary for their children's future as canals, roads, and railroads were for earlier generations.


  • "The Road to Innovation is Open" A fundamental decision facing the designers of the Lafayette system, is whether that system will be open or closed. Insofar as a hope for innovation and flexibility is at issue there is a strong case to be made for open systems. Will a closed system weather the coming IP storm?
  • "Blowing the Whistle on Bristol" Misleading the people of Lafayette about the success of Bristol's FTTH project may further erode BellSouth and Cox's credibility.

Check out the links to the le ft for short, and we hope telling, responses to misinformation as it appears.

Some background:

Unfortunately, but perhaps not too surprisingly, there has been a lot of misinformation and spin put out by the opponents of the fiber to the home project. Most of it falls under the broad but telling category of "Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt: "FUD." (More on FUD) The strategy has a long, dishonorable history in the world of technology and has recently been employed against a number of communities in an effort to distract citizens from the fundamental advantages of fiber optics.

We are seeing FUD in Lafayette and the best antidote is clarity on the facts of the matter at hand. You can get that here.

Revised: 9/6/04