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The "cc" designates a creative commons license and you've probably already clicked through to the creative commons deed that it signifies.

As you may be aware copyright law has in recent years been amended to place a more and more difficult burden on users of almost all creative material. It is increasingly hard to know for sure what you can and cannot legally use and reuse.

The license we have chosen, an attribution-only license, imposes only one burden on users: attribution. We'd like to be cited if you use our ideas or creative presentation. And a link back to our site would be kind.

Obviously, we cannot grant freedoms we do not possess: any copyrighted material you may find on the page from which you linked remains the legal property of the creator.

Other than that you are free to reuse this material in any way, in any amount, for any purpose.


Part of it is simple principle: We doubt we can own the ideas or presentation we have created here. We participate in a long tradition of thought and design going back too far to track; without that tradition none of this work would be possible to conceive. History was generous to us. We are, or so we believe, obligated to be equally open-handed.

But part of "why" is cold calculation: We'd like the material to which you found this attached to be as useful as possible. Lafayette Pro Fiber exists to promote making the monopoly fiber optic network we believe inevitable in our community a publicly-owned utility. As we have rapidly discovered, much of the battle here in Lafayette is far from unique. But Lafayette is, in many other respects, unique. Its culture and people, its music, food, and even the tenor of everyday life—our joie de vivre—derive from a history we share with few other communities. Consequently, a lot of the material you find here will be salted with references to that culture as well as the particular history of our battle here. Using the material effectively in other places will almost always require rewriting to suit the history of other battles and the sense of community found in those locales. By issuing a very liberal license we intend to enable the next user to make those changes, to mix, alter, and massage, to use any part, large or small, to the advantage of their community. We ask, but not require, that you pass on the material you create using ours as freely as do we. After all, if you are interested in using this material you are probably engaged in a similar project and promoting freedom is the final purpose of our common endeavor, is it not?


last modified: 9:05 PM 8/31/04