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Q & A

Q & A: Conversations with Other Communities

This section of Lafayette Pro Fiber is dedicated to exploring the experiences of other communities and people working to provide public telecommunication facilities.

Jim Baller
"Monday Conversation: Jim Baller" Baller, drawing on his extensive background in legal questions regarding municipal telecommunications networks remarks on the value of fiber networks, the law, and incumbent strategies. Baller represents LUS and is one of the leaders, perhaps the leader, in the field.

Barry Katner of World Wide Packets

"Barry Kantner, World Wide Packets" Katner, speaking from within the industry supplying municipalities like Lafayette with basic network designs, architectures, and hardware, responds to questions about his company and its technologies.

Andrew Cohill of Blacksburg, Virginia

"Monday Conversation: Andrew Cohill, Ph.D." Dr. Cohill's experience as director of the Blacksburg Electronic Village, a widely admired and emulated pioneer in integrating new technologies into community life, gives him a wealth of experience that few can match. In this interview he emphasizes the importance of going beyond investment in technology and infrastructure if a community is to reap the full benefit of becoming a wired community. Dr. Cohill focuses on developing community goals and on the importance of developing "rich, vibrant local content."

Billy Ray of Glasgow, Kentucky

"Billy Ray Reviews Glasgow's Long-established Telecom Utility"BellSouth and Cox want us to believe that there is no such thing as a successful municipal telecom utility. But you couldn't sell that to the people of Glasgow where the power board is in its 15th year of providing the service. Billy Ray says the phone and cable companies are wrong about municipally owned telecoms utilities and is willing to trot out the history and numbers to prove it.

Annie Collins of the Tricities, Illinois

"Annie Collins of the TriCities Discusses the Fiber Fight in Illinois" The fight in Illinois has been epic: Fiber for our Future, enters a second round in their battle. The incumbent's tactics in Illinois might well have provided the model for the tactics we see deployed in Lafayette.

posed: 8/29/04