Spotting Fake Artworks from Original Ones

Any art lover and connoisseur will easily know the value of any artwork. They’re the ones who can almost immediately sense how much a certain artwork is going to be. However, there are some people out there who are raking profits by creating fake art and selling it as an authentic one.

The painting that you’re planning to buy or perhaps, have bought already might possibly be original. If you love art and have seen one, you might be so eager and itching to own it. You might even be willing to pay the price for how much the artist is asking for it. But the question is, what if the one you see is the knock-off version of the original?

A lot of people have the tendency to doubt on something that is cheap. This trace back to the monetary value of the piece that something of low price is nothing close to bringing real value.

But you have to know as well that there are fake paintings that are truly convincing that was able to made it to auctions. Now just imagine how intricate the fake market is in creating these knock-offs. So while you are happily playing thinking that you have made a steal for an artwork, here are few things to be remembered prior to buying one.

Perform Thorough Research

If you’re truly an art connoisseur, you definitely would want to buy paintings that are made by renowned and popular artists. With this in mind, you better check on the previous works that the artist has done. You’ll see their trademark style and how they do their work. You can use this as reference to the same artwork you plan to buy that is presumably his/her work to compare whether it is the legit piece or not.


Every artist leaves a signature on their artworks. Always check for the style and the placement of their signature and check it to other pieces you plan to buy. Does it have the same stroke of the signature, same placement and lines and whatnot. Basically, anything that is going to give you red flags.