Benefits Experienced by Artists in Using Visualization Techniques


famous artwork of DaVincThe benefits of visualization for artists can be perceived through compelling and creative art works that inspire them to visually express varying emotions. Through the use of lines, forms, shapes, scales, colors, contrast and composition, visually guided artists manipulate those elements in presenting not only their own emotions but also of others who pose as their subjects.

Creative concepts do not emerge from out of a vacuum, although artists see aesthetic form and structure unseen by many. Having awareness of the beauty not perceived by untrained eyes, motivates artists to communicate their visions by way of artwork.

Still artists need examples, sketches and models to draw so they can approach newfound ideas using multiple methods of presenting the image they imagined. The thing about successful artworks is that they possess intellectual components even if theur creation breaks some art rules.

After all, visualization as a basic step of creativity activates the connection between the mind and body. This leads to the stimulation of constructive emotions that works toward enhancing concentration and ability to stay focused and indifferent to any distractions.

Benefits that Artists Derive from Visualization Techniques

srone age artEven during prehistoric periods and through ancient civilizations, industrialization era and the age of computerization, it can be surmised that both artistic and scientific visualizations played a significant role in the advancement of art, science and technology. The continuing use of visualization as a widely used approach is mainly because of the benefits that artists and scientists derive from its use. The most well-received of which are the following:

1. Visualization empowers individuals to achieve goals, since imagining attainment of success. inspires a person to stay focused in working harder especially when facing challenges and distractions.

2. One of the benefits of visualization has been scientifically proven by way of a study participated in by adults and students who experience chronic stress. The experimental study revealed that those who used visualization techniques of imagining themselves in calming and peaceful scenarios reduced their cortisol levels. Cortisol is a primary stress hormone that can prevent the body from reaching a relaxed state and attaining feelings of inner peace.

3. Another benefit of visualization is that it can fire up our imagination as we expand the depth and height of our thinking. Visualization stimulated the minds of famous people who invented and developed the solutions and innovations that many in the modern world enjoy today.

4. In promoting improved concentration and focus when performing tasks, visualisation as mental exercises can help individuals attain and maintain mental wellness.

5. Lastly, mentally projecting successful outcomes through mind visualization can significantly improve one’s self-belief that raises a person’s self confidence to a higher level.