How the Voorburg and Leidschendam Municipality Near The Hague was Formed

Another Dutch municipality eyed by British and American expatriates as a potential place for retirement is the Voorburg, a suburb quite near The Hague. Actually, there are three Dutch locations that merged to gain recognition as a municipality.

Although originating as an independent suburb built in 2002, Dutch officials in The Hague took notice that the suburb had grown rapidly, The growth continued during the 20th century as the suburb was no longer a village but already a bustling community bear The Hague, full of many large scale, high rise architectural developments. Since the entire length of the historical Dutch villages stretching across the Canal de Vloet in Southern Holland include Leidschendam, the latter became part of the municipality transformation,

Additionally, the rural village of Stompwijk next to the Voorburg suburb was officially annexed as part of the Voorburg and Leidschendam municipality.

Many feel quite at home taking up residence on the Leidschendam-Voorburg municipality. This is mainly because a huge part of the town is urbanized, using all forms of modern architecture. Here, developments include reclamation of a body of water. This is to expand the available tracts of lowland offered as polder models to potential residents, who will grow the population of the thriving municipality.

What Exactly is a Polder Model

Many of the affordable houses available in the Voorburg and Leidschendam municipality are polder models. First off, a polder is a portion of a body of water usually a lake or sea that has been reclaaimed to increase the land area of the municipality. The Netherlands is actually one of the earliest countries to use body-of-water reclamation technologies in expanding and transforming lowlands into livable areas.

Actually, tourists who have seen the polder model homes are immdiately attracted to the spacious designs. Polder models are usually conceptualized as a 4-bedroom home on a wide lot that allows customers to choose any of the available facades. This is in contrast to the typical low-cost housing units that come with a uniform facade, although homeowners can later modify them but not part of the housing package.

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